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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Welcome to Lilac Duchess blogs. I am "Lilac Duchess" of Lilac Duchess Regency . My name is Nita Whitehead. I am the CEO/Owner of Lilac Duchess Regency. I have always been interested and excited to write. I have put this off, because I am a writer at heart but throughout my early childhood, I had teachers to tell me my writing skills were horrible. My own Mother is a Teacher, and she would tell me I could never get a job writing so I needed to come up with something else I wanted to do. Perhaps she was simply trying to encourage me or being cruel, either way, it stuck with me. I must say though in the later years my Mom, has been more supportive of my writing and says it is actually good, go figure. Now I have decided to not live in fear and prove people wrong by becoming an acclaimed writer.

I am super excited to be doing this blog entry. This is my first blog entry finally! Especially since it took me years to get here. I wanted this bad but kept making excuses as to why I was not creating material for my blogs. Bottom line, they were excuses, because I was living in fear and being lazy.

My blog entries will be on a variety of topics, however they will all be about me and my personal transformation. My life seems interesting to me and I have been told I should share it so here we go! I will be coming on to my site and updating information, from time to time. Please be sure to come back and check out the latest information. Also please follow me on social media.

Thank you so much for stopping by.


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