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The Inconsiderate Friend

When I did the first recording to my podcast : Type 3 of Self Awareness, I realized a portion of a story I shared was cut off. That story was about the inconsiderate friend and how they are not being socially self-aware.

Let me set the scene for the story! You were laid off and have gone through your savings, 401K, and you are down to the wire with your last bit of money. Listen to this scenario that takes place between two friends.

These images or the names mentioned in the images are in no way being sponsored or am I speaking on their behalf or recommend them, just to be on with my story!

Person A, is the one that is laid off, friend B is the Inconsiderate Friend.

Person A: hears, the doorbell, and it's your friend

Friend: Hello how are you, I was just in the neighborhood and thought I would stop by to see how you are doing?

Person A: What is that smell, that food smells good, I'm hungry.

Friend: Oh, I stopped at Trish's and picked up a fish and chicken dinner couldn't decide which one and they were both on special. The specials are 3 pieces of fish, with two fries, hushpuppies and macaroni salad. The chicken one comes with your choice of two sides a roll and a 32oz, drink of your choice. I got the sweet tea. Girl their sweet tea is good. You should take the kids there. I think all this cost me about $15 that isn't bad!

Person A: well I would if I had extra money, I'm down to the wire with my funds and only have enough money for this month expenses and next month. After that, I have no idea what I am going to do.

Friend: Oh, okay, well I just really came , oh wait you have hot sauce, girl I am going to destroy this food. Oh thanks! Like I said I came by to tell you I got a bonus on my job!

Person A: Oh that is great, good job!

Friend: Yes girl, I was not expecting that extra $2000.00. I didn't cash it or deposit it in the bank yet cause I don't really have a need for it yet. So I went home and put the check in my drawer along with all my other checks I haven't cashed yet. See we get paid weekly on that job, and I make so much that I don't even need the money by the time I get my next check. So I stop depositing those checks until I need them, that way I want be tempted to just blow it all, cause I have been shopping like crazy, and truthfully I don't need anything else. I even have a few child support payments I haven't cashed. I need to cash a few before he gets wind of it and cancel the payments. Umm, let me wrap this food up for later, I'm gonna say goodbye go home and put up my feet and relax.

Person A: Okay thank you for coming to see me, as she closes the door.

Yes, after reading that you feel like what? Now imagine the person that is really living that and just experienced a friend being inconsiderate. Is the friend responsible or obligated to , no absolutely not. What I am saying is just think of how others may feel or take in consideration their situation before you just brag or share information. Yes , you can share what goes in your life, but it's how you do and is the timing really right.

If you call yourself a real friend, morally you may have cashed one of those checks and gave it to your friend you just visited knowing they said they were low on funds. They even expressed they didn't know what they were going to do in the future with their bills.

Now I know there is probably much debate we could get into on this matter. I am simply pointing out, how to think of others. I am giving an example on that empathy I mentioned in the podcast. That care and concern for living beings. I am aware that every situation is different, I am just saying take another look at your actions sometimes for this is a state of being self - aware.

Thank you for reading and checking out my blogs, till the next time , take care.


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Oct 10, 2021

Enjoyed reading!

lilac duchess
lilac duchess
Oct 10, 2021
Replying to

Thank you for your comment and I am excited to hear you enjoyed reading it. ~Lilac

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