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Type 3 Self Awareness -Social

I think I pretty much covered enough on the social part of Self-Awareness.

In the podcast I touched on the following key points:

When you are socially self-aware, you can recognize your own emotions as well as those you are relating with. You can take in to account their normalcy of behavior and their psychology state of being into account, you can recognize their beliefs, desires, and attitude, especially the intent.

I am socially aware when talking or connecting with certain people to take in the facts that I already know about them. So, if I am talking to someone who I know is a huge supporter of fan of football but not just football, they have their favorite team and they always wear items or perhaps mention this team all the time, then I make a note of it when I know their team just won a game or perhaps lost a game. I may say to them, oh, I see that The Cowboys won another game on Friday night and now they are in the playoffs. I am aware that this person will appreciate the fact that I not only remembered this was their team, but I am aware that they won a game placing them in the playoffs.

I shared how being socially self-aware is also taking into consideration other living beings. Do you consider other living beings? Do you recognize all living beings? How are you with empathy? Do you know what empathy is?

Empathy is being able to see a situation someone or something, another living being is going through or involved in and show some emotion behind it. You can empathize that someone with a new born baby at home may not be getting much sleep, so you go a little easy on them. Having empathy for living beings helps you not only with social self-awareness, but with self-awareness as a whole. You are more in tune with life itself.

If you listened to the podcast, think on the questions I asked.

As we go through life interacting with others, places, events, and different types of experiences, our self-awareness will need another look at, we will need to take note at what has changed for us and how this is affecting you now. Remember the onion!

Until next time take care!


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