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Spiritual Shift Taking Place

I want to write about something different with this blog. There is a spiritual shift that is taking place. Now I am not speaking of any religious points simply spiritual. So much that is taking place in the world is not new. A lot of the issues that many complain about or are perhaps seeing for the first time have always been around.

For example, children being missing. This is not new, children have always come up missing. It use to be advertise on television as well as the milk carton. Both of those methods stop.

Now thanks to cell phones and social media, people can report in real time, right then and there if someone is missing and share it with the world with the push of one button. Add a certain hashtag# and now many of people who click on that hashtag will now see what you are talking about and what is important to you.

The spiritual shift is that more and more people are seeing the world for what it really is. People are seeing the evil that lurks among the land seeking to destroy all. The shift is also making others give into the darkness. People are willing to give away their soul for a few short moments of success or a chance to be famous or well known. Trust me when I say be careful, because you can be famous for doing something bad. You must be careful what you ask for.

With so much darkness, you also have many who are pretending to see the light or come from it when in fact they are evil. Doing these times, it is extremely important that you examine everything and question everything. Do not take things lightly. Do not believe all that you see.

This is why we are suppose to connect spiritually to the most high. Connect to the light, connect to our higher selves. Raise our vibrations and frequencies, not choose to stay in low vibrations and involve ourselves with the darkness.

So I want you to think about it, are you paying attention? Are you prepared spiritually, because real soon the war will begin. We are already in the battle. Get ready for war.

Will you survive the mental warfare that is coming? Will you cave in? Will you chicken out?

Or will you shake off the dust of this world and stand! Will you rise above the evil and darkness. Will you ignore it's temptations? Will you be a conqueror?

Till next time take care of yourself and remember you too can come out of the shadows and into the light!

Thank you,

NitaDa One

Lilac Duchess Regency

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