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Sundays are for my Soul

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Sundays have always been a day of rejuvenating for me. From my early childhood I up to my adulthood Sundays were always special. As a child I would spend my Sundays in church. I can remember getting dressed with my little bobby socks, dress and bonnet. I knew I was clean and looking cute.

As I got older, my Sundays grew to mean so much more for me. It went from being all about church to being about a true connection with God the primary creative source of creation. It also became important to me to develop spiritually as well. So I started doing the necessary actions that I felt would not only connect me closer to God, but connect me to the universe and all of it's infinite light wisdom.

I still feel this way today, now more than ever. I often find myself gaining insight on Sundays. I also enjoy listening to music on Sundays, for me it is great energy starter for connecting to the universe, my higher self, God , my soul.

I then sit for a few moments in silence and listen to what it is I need to hear. Let me clear Sundays are not my only day I work on my soul. It is fine to have more than day to work on your soul. Actually, I'm really sure you will need more than one day of the week. Especially in the days we are living in now.

Another important tool I use to rejuvenate my spirit when it feels that has been attacked, is meditation. I've implemented breathing exercises to enhance my meditations. I would also recommend you do daily self affirmations. Below is a sample of some daily self affirmations you can say every day.

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