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Podcast has a new face!

Check this out I have a podcast! The name of my podcast is Conversations 4DA Soul. I host this podcast now under an actual plan and schedule. Before with my podcast, I would just post things random and not come here to my website to talk about it. I am telling you I am aware of my issues and I am seeking to change. I am being really transparent and letting you see me in real time. You can look at the dates on the podcast episodes and the dates on my blog. After that if you know math, you can then put 2+2 together and come up with 4get ful ness. That is what I display. I display that I want to do something, be something, and then what...forget about it.

Well that time is over , that means I have relaxed long enough. It is go time for many reasons and sitting on the side line waiting and hoping is not going to cut it.

It amazes me, because in my youth I was a go getter. I would go hard even in my early 20's and 30's.

The thing that stopped me or I would say slowed me down, was my inner emotions that were begging to come out. They were all the things I had shoved away in a deep closet. Till one day the door of the closet busted open and I became an emotional mess. Don't cry for me, I did the work and sorted that mess in that closet. That was some serious work.

Which is some of what my podcast is about. On my podcast, I am going to have Conversations 4Da Soul, because it is that right there that saved me. It is those conversations that have me today more determined, making a difference in my own life. Returning to the core of me and living my destiny.

Oh yes, I got cared away the podcast. Please go check out the podcast. The latest episode was poste tonight on August, 23, 2021.

Until next time thank you for stopping by take care of yourself!

Nita DaOne/ also know as the Lilac Duchess

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