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Podcast EP0009 Type 1 Self Awareness, with a personal flare!

This podcast is live on 8/25/2021!

On this podcast I shared what Type 1 Self Awareness was and gave some examples.

Indexical Self- Awareness, is an easy type of self awareness for many. It is a strong belief you have about something that you will not waiver on no matter what the mindset or situation because you always react the same way to this particular situation. For example, I mentioned in the podcast that you may behave the same way at all weddings.

Now I did not mention something that came to mind. You may slightly behave different if it is your own wedding instead of being a guest at the wedding. I also mentioned how I am indexical when it comes to my cooking and that I am non-reflective as well with this.

I am non-reflective with my cooking, because I am so sure of myself with cooking. I have by this point prepared many meals, not only for my family but for friends as well. I always get the same reaction umm, this is so good. It warms my heart to feed others. I always kind of had a passion for cooking. It started for me at an early age thanks to be in the kitchen with my father's mother. She was an old school cook, the kind that makes things from scratch, doesn't follow recipes and can take one meat and come up with several ideas for a meal. My grandmother was just that special in the kitchen. When I was a child, I would at first pretend that I was cooking too. I would pull out pots and pans and pretend to fill them with delicious fresh vegetables or a roast that I was going to prepare.

Just look at this picture , no this is not my cooking , but don't get it twisted I can prepare a roast along with the trimmings carrots, potatoes, onions, umm. I just might have to prepare one. It has been a while.

Well after a while, my grandmother started showing me how to prepare certain dishes. She would set me up with my own dough for example, and while she was making her rolls, I have a tray making mine. Those were some great times.

So over time I have improved with my cooking and it has led to me where I am non-reflective in my self awareness when it comes to cooking.

Here is a sample from the pot of my famous breakfast potatoes. They are loaded and so delicious. Every time I prepare these my family empties the pot. I have prepared them for co-workers as well and they eat it up! Looks good haven't made these in a while, might make some more soon.

Excuse the fork, this was before I was self aware about presentation of the food. But you can see here an example of my roast with all the sides I mentioned. This is an old picture so don't judge me to harsh. I'm sharing.

See, told you I improved with my plating and taking pictures of my food. Here is one of my more recent pictures. So as you see, I am indexical with my cooking and non-reflective. I am so proud of my cooking that I don't need validation. Wow! this plate really looks great!

In this picture you see Seasoned Fried Chicken, Mustard, Kale and Collard Green Mix, with homemade potato salad. Everything on this plate was prepared in love , seasoned from the soul.

This is why my podcast name is fitting, it's conversations 4da soul, just like my cooking is 4da soul.

Till the next time take care and enjoy these pictures if you would like to see more or interested in some recipes let me know I may just feature some on this website.

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