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Podcast EP#8 Intro to Self Awareness

Okay, I said I would blog about the episode and here it is , good nite!

Ha! that was a joke, seriously, I really enjoyed creating that podcast. When you first start dealing with self awareness you may think , well I know I thought I am self aware and cant no one tell me different. UGH! I was wrong, I was only surface self aware. I wasn't even close to really being self aware. You better had not told Nita that, she would have told you something not so nice probably. I am just being honest with you. I was quick with the tongue especially when not in a professional setting. Okay, let's table this for another blog.

Listen to this podcast on Spotify. Thank you!

I just wanted to share a brief overview on the podcast. I talked about how Shadow work can

really assist you with self awareness and the types of self awareness.

There is internal and external self awareness, did you know? It is perfectly okay if you were not aware. Internal is the self knowledge of you, while the external is how others view you.

Now this is where things can get a little messy. Don't do that , don't make that face like I am not telling you the truth. Internal Self Awareness you can even lie to yourself and others and say you have things figured out. Okay, but what about the viewpoint of others. I'm waiting what do you have to say on that.

I am sure you have heard many times that the viewpoint and opinions of others really does not matter. Well they do matter , now let me be clear, when it comes to looks, beauty, don't pay them any attention some one says you are ugly. Brush it off keep stepping and inform them God does not make ugly. There is someone for everyone and your beauty is waiting on the right one to come along and love you for you. Now that I have that cleared up, if someone is telling you, you have a strong body odor, please don't ignore. Check with someone and get a second opinion. Because you may just not be aware of it. This is a perfect example of external awareness.

Another great example is someone saying to you that smack really loud when you eat, or you always cut people off in an conversation. Let me tell you I use to smack, yes I did, now that the body odor I have not been told, okay that time I may have forgotten deodorant and my mom or best friend would say umm . It was not nor is common thing, however, I can be honest and admit it happened. I corrected the situation and moved on, and now this is where you move on, Ha! See I said Nita can snap a little bit. Nita is me a part of Lilac and I would not have it any other way.

I also gave examples of self awareness, so please go check out the podcast. Let me know how you feel and where you think you are in your own self awareness. I would love to perhaps have you on a s guest if you are comfortable. I also would love to chat with you by email. I will not expose any of your personal information. That goes against my code of ethics for one and it's just not right.

Remember you can email me at: with things relating to the podcast, not just this episode but any episode that is mentioned on the podcast.

As Always,

Thank you so much Lilac! Take care of yourself.

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