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Starting With the Inner-Child

Welcome! I provide all the methods of guidance and support for my clients so they  succeed in their soul journey. I am an expert at healing lives from the shadows. I help women heal their Inner Spirt.  Assisting your healing of emotional traumas (physical, mental, sexual abuse). I also help you connect with your inner child and heal from their. While you are here, please check out my blog entries. You can also listen to my podcast, Conversations4DaSoul, which is currently streaming on all major platforms and on this website, under the music library. On the podcast, I share tips and information that can assist you with your healing journey. There's even story time episodes as well, where I share a personal story on healing. Some of my deeper dive conversations can cover matters on the topics of emotional and physical abuse, matters of the mind, body and soul. My Facebook page, has the most current information at Lilac Duchess Regency and you can also find me on Instagram.

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About Founder/CEO

Nita Whitehead is the Founder/CEO of Lilac Duchess Regency, simply known as LDR. Nita has been transforming lives for over 25 years. She is a regal and resilient woman here to help other women become resilient and regal as she assists them with restoring their lives by first healing the inner child and then healing the adult woman of emotional and physical traumas, hurts and pains. Nita is self driven, self motivated and a woman of integrity. She believes in maintaining a positive disposition, building genuine alliances, and always striving for exceptional results. LDR provides consistent and transparent services, and can help you transform from the shadows and into the light. Want to learn more contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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Inner Child Healing |Emotional Healing  Addiction Healing |  Relationship Healing | Soul Healing |
Generational Healing


Inner Child Healing

Connecting With Your Inner Child

First we will help you re-connect with your inner child. Once connected then the healing can begin. Together we will Identify the what, why, when, who, and the how. This is an essential step toward addressing and healing from emotional distress. 

Schedule your consultation today.  


Emotional Healing

Achieving an Inner Peace

For most of my clients, emotional healing is the root of many of the concerns and issues. When you can dig deep into the roots through shadow work, you can come out of the darkness of  heavy emotions and walk into the light  of your purpose.

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Addiction Healing

Healing from the Inside 

Addictions affect each person differently.  Some people have several addictions they are dealing with at the same time. We can help. We will get you started with the basic steps and if your situation requires additional focus, we will assist you in finding some local help in your area.*We will dissect the root of your dependency and the emotional causes.  We will provide you with the necessary methods needed to heal the emotional scars that  caused the dependency; so that you are no longer burdened with the weight of the addiction. 

* Cost of outside services depends on that company charges and the client will be responsible for the cost of that additional outside or outsourced service. To find out more, get in touch.

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Relationship Healing

Healing the bond or healing from it

Sometimes emotional healing is not only for an individual, it can also be needed in a relationship.  LDR can provide assistance with counseling and healing various types of relationship dynamics. 

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Soul Healing

The Path to Success

My services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. We will map out a healing roadmap designed just for you. This healing program walks you step by step through soul healing and we guide you along the way. Through continued healing you are able to overcome many of your concerns hidden within the shadows. This is a paid program that the client can take at their own pace, while getting assistance along the way. You can actually take the course on this website.

Generational Healing.png

Generational Healing

Healing generational bonds and breaking chains that will heal the  the whole family.

Do you feel that the concerns you have are not just yours alone? Have you asked yourself what is it? What's going on with my family? Perhaps you just see that others in your family are dealing with the same concerns as you. How can they get help? Through this healing program designed specifically for you and your family, you will see how these generational obstacles and concerns can be reprogrammed. The generational trauma that flourishes within your family can retrograde and alter your family component. Schedule your discovery call for this service. Let's break the chains!

Doorway Light

Shadow Work 

Experienced Guide 

You may be wondering what is Shadow Work, LDR will not only explain the process, we will guide you through the experience. It can be an emotionally arduous experience but extremely rewarding. It would help you unlock hidden and past memories/experiences that may be the cause of some of your inhibitions. Therefore you're not only able to heal your mind, body and soul, but you are able to begin the ultimate healing by achieving Self-Mastery.

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Courses and Programs

The Path to Success

Participating in the free and paid course's and programs will help you achieve the healing you deserve and need. Along with personalized sessions you can heal your soul and live your intended life of purpose.

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Future Testimonials


LDR, weIcomes testimonials from any all clients we have helped to achieve the goals they seek. If you wish to leave a testimonial, please complete a contact form and we will happily add your testimonal to the website.

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