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Welcome! I provide all the methods,  guidance, and support my clients need to succeed in their soul journey. I am an expert at transforming lives from the shadows by assisting with healing emotional traumas (phyical, mental, sexual abuse). Please check out my blog entries here. You can also listen to my podcast, Conversations4DaSoul, where I converse on the topics of emotional and physical abuse, matters of the mind, body and soul. My Facebook page, has the most current information at Lilac Duchess Regency and you can also find me on Instagram.


About Founder/CEO

Nita Whitehead is the Founder/CEO of Lilac Duchess Regency, simply known as LDR. Nita has been transforming lives for over 25 years. She is a regal and resilient woman here to help other women become resilient and regal as she assists them with restoring their lives by healing emotional and physical traumas. Nita is self driven, self motivated and a woman of integrity. She believes in maintaining a positive disposition, building geniune alliances, and always striving for exceptional results. LDR provides consistent and transparent services, and can help you transform from the shadows and into the light. Want to learn more contact us today for a free initial consultation.



Emotional & Mental Development | Substance Abuse Counseling | Relationship/Marriage Counseling | Spiritual Counseling 

LDR can also provide a variety of services customized to fit your specific needs so that you are able to transform and live a life of emotional bliss. Achieve your breakthrough with LDR by contacting us today. 

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Addressing the Truth 

Facing It

Identifying your emotions the why, the who, the when, and the how. This is an essential step toward addressing and healing mental and emotional distress. Schedule your consultation today.  

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Freedom from Substance Abuse 

Healing from the Inside 

We will dissect your substance dependency and the emotional causes.  We will provide you with the necessary methods needed to heal the emotional scars that which caused the dependency; so that you are no longer burdened with the weight of the addiction. To find out more, get in touch.



Family Healing

Sometimes emotional healing is not just an individual effort, it can also be a family effort. LDR can provide assistance with counseling and healing various types of relationship dynamics. 

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Shadow Work 

Experienced Guide 

You may be wondering what is Shadow Work, LDR will not only explain the process, we will guide you through the experience. It can be an emotionally arduous experience but extremely rewarding. It would help you unlock hidden and past memories/experiences that may be the cause of some of your inhibitions. Therefore you're not only able to heal your mind, body and soul, but you are able to begin the ultimate healing by achieving Self-Mastery.

Intrested in any of the services LDR provide please email or schedule a free consultation. 


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